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The Beluchis live on the border district between Iran and Afghanistan. Beluch is a generic term of nomads consisting of smaller tribes with varied origin. Their livelihood consists of agriculture, raising sheep, goats and camels together with carpet manufacturing.
The Beluch carpets have a close relationship with carpets from Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. The colours are often dull and dark red, dark blue, black and brown. The patterns are geometrical with curvilinear life trees. They are often designed as prayer carpets with a prayer niche.
Sometimes, the carpets have decorative kelims on the short sides to protect the carpet against wear. The long sides often consist of many cables, made with goat and horse hair. The warp is made of wool or a mixture of wool and goat hair and newer carpets have a warp made of cotton.
The workmanship is of high quality; these carpets are tight and thin and give a real feeling of genuine nomadic handicraft. The carpets are mostly made in small sizes with lively patterns and prayer carpets are common.
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Ushak carpets (also known as Peshawar rugs) are exclusive, it has derived its name from an area largely settled by Turkoman tribes from Afghanistan. These rugs are often distinguished by their exquisite use of 100% natural (vegetable and mineral) dyes. The wool comes from Himalayan sheep and is hand-spun and hand-knotted with great care and marvelous craftsmanship. Natural dyes produce soft luminous shades and abrashes not possible to obtain from chemical dyes. The influence of Persian, Turkoman and Afghan cultures results in rugs of great complexity and superb coloration. These rugs are new and clean, never used and are in perfect condition.
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Today's Kazak is a modern shape of old Caucasian rugs which strictly adheres to traditional design elements of the Caucasus. It has elements such as the stepped hooked polygons, geometrical medallions and rosettes, presented in more stylized manner and with a new dimension. Natural dyes produce soft luminous shades and abrashes causing a beautiful sheen. Handspun woolen yarn is normally used in the variety of vibrant warm colors. Kazaks rugs in our collection are all fine quality pieces from Afghanistan made with Ghazni handspun wool and natural dyes.
Bukhara PDF Print E-mail

In the course of its 2000 years, the city of Bokhara has been home to many peoples who have helped make it world renowned for its carpets. The exceptional durability and versatility of its woolen rugs are further enhanced by a seemingly inexhaustible palette of color, ranging from classical reds to vibrant greens and golds. All things considered, it is no wonder Bokhara has become one of the most popular of all carpets, a welcome addition to every imaginable room setting. Bokhara rugs with rich colors and soft velvety pile will serve as the best source of coziness for your room.