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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 05 April 2009 16:07

Village rugs made in around the town of Milas in sout-west Anatolia, they are some of the most attractive and authentically Anatolian items produced in the region.They are reasonably finely knotted on wollen or cotton foundations using coarse but durable pile wool clipped medium to low.The most popular and distinctive design features a stylized tree-of-life motif or flowering diamond within a prayer-rug format.The borders are broad and contain elegant, highly stylized florali vegetal and geometric motifs.The palette is usually pastel with harmınious interplays of pale umber, sienna of greenish-yellow.Indian weavers now make copies of Milas designs.Milas rugs represent very good value for money,but do not have a paticularly secure resale value...